In this new technologically-based fast-paced world we live in, who has time to break up with someone face-to-face?

This dude on Twitter has the right idea and is revolutionizing the dumping game as we know it.

CJ on Twitter who uses the handle @cjkarl11 has blown up as online hero when he took the hashtag #TransformationTuesday to the limit and implied a separation from his lady. He showed two pictures side by side. The left side was a picture of him with his arm around his apparent girlfriend. On the right side was the same picture but with the girlfriend cropped out. Total boss move CJ!

The girlfriend saw this post and asked “is this your way of breaking up with me”? Lady, if ya got to ask then you already know the answer.

Some people might see this as being disrespectful but I couldn’t disagree more. CJ was just utilizing the tools at-hand and speeding the entire process up. Taking time out of his day to face-to-face dump this girl would only waste precious hours of each of their lives.

Why not a call or a text? Well if he called or texted that is a private message and everyone knows part of breaking up as a young adult is letting the rest of the world know that you are now single. That would require at least two text messages. One to the girls saying “we’re done” and a second mass text to everyone in your phone who is an attractive girl, or a boy who on a drunken night could pass as an attractive girl, saying “you up?"