So it becomes that time of the evening and you're wondering what's for dinner.  The best answer you can have, breakfast.

We have all been there.  Sick of everything you have in the fridge but needing to get yourself some dinner.  My solution for boredom at the dinner table?  Breakfast for dinner, or what me and my girlfriend like to call it, Brenner.

Breakfast food is some of the most delicious on the planet, and everyone loves a big breakfast.  Unfortunately you don't always have time during the week to cook one up at breakfast time.  So what could be more perfect that doing it for dinner?  Personally I think that breakfast food tastes even better at dinner time, plus you can eat more of it.  Besides that, when isn't bacon good?

Last night I was in this exact pickle.  So what did I do? I took out the eggs, bacon, hash browns and bread and began cooking.  It wasn't just I that was present at this feast.  My girlfriend and brother also took part in it as well.  Seriously, nothing hits the spot after a day at work and then a work out at the gym like some hot breakfast.  I like to mix it up every once in a while and pull out the waffle maker and whip up some Belgian waffles.  Pancakes are always nice too, but my preference is over easy eggs, toast and bacon.  What can I say, I'm an easy guy to please.