When it comes to supporting our troops nothing says 'thank you for your service' like a good picture of ones booty.  If you are a troop then this is for you.  If you have an awesome booty, then you should be submitting a picture.

There are many ways to show tribute to our troops.  You can put up  a yellow ribbon, fly an American flag, slap on a bumper sticker or even walk up to a current or former service man or woman and say thank you.  Of course you could also say thank you by posting a picture of you and your booty as well.

Currently on facebook there is a new site dedicated to the troops that specifies in just that, booty.  It's called "Best Booty's for the Troops" and from what I can gather about it, it's run by a woman named Tess who either is very involved with the troops or just as tremendous passion, and possibly a rockin' booty.  The whole concept is for women around the country to send sexy pictures of them (and their booties) to the site for the troops to view.  It's probably more for the over seas guys, but everyone can get in on this action.  So check out it out, and ladies, get patriotic and submit a picture.