Did you notice that East Greenbush was hopping with reporters from all media outlets yesterday? Apparently a contractor called police after finding human remains stuffed in a bag in a crawl space. Hold on though.  Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer- Yeah, apparently, that wasn't the case.

According to the TU:

Police said bones found Wednesday at a home on Michael Road are animal not human bones. Police said the remains appear to be from a deer.

Police said they initially believed the remains might be human because of their appearance and the discovery of a ladies shoe nearby.


Alright, so I grew up in the country, and by country, I mean Berne Knox Westerlo. We're talking, WOODS! Something I was used to seeing was dead Bambis hanging from trees like pinatas. This was, and is, a common occurrence.

It's what you did. Kill it, hang and drain, freeze your meat and stare at your prize for years to come as it hung on your wall like a picture of grandma on Christmas. Frankly, it was worth it! Have you ever had venison? Tasty, I tell ya, tasty.

We're on to some next level stuff now. I mean, Halloween has literally smacked E.G. right in the face. Saving your bones in a crawl space? Writings from a child? Missing shoes? All we need is that little kid saying "I see dead people" and we have our own little horror movie plot ready to go. Creep city! Where is Hollywood? Someone get on that.

PS: I don't think I'm ever going to East Greenbush again.