Well in a day where anything can be set as a record, my mind gravitates to things I'm good at. Farting is my specialty..

I'm good at very few things. In fact some people wonder how I've gotten this far. Regardless of the Jokers, I know what I indeed am talented in, flatulence. Now I feel talking too much about my personal gas habits. I should rather discuss how impressive that this man with a pipe up to his bum is.

Now being good at toots, I'm also good at judging the clarity and form of stinkers. Over the computer, dude is impressive. The sheer force he is able to release to make the candles blow out. Look at his body move as they come out. Man, he is top notch.

In all seriousness Mr. Record Setter, take this as an empty white glove to the face for a show down, a dual of sorts. I here by challenge you to a birthday candle fart off. I bet he wont accept.