There are quite a few movies out this weekend and they all look pretty good but my inner nerd is pulling me toward Disney's African Cats.

As most of you know I am a huge fan of movies and television.  I sometimes get lost in the nerdiest channels like Discovery, History, National Geographic and anything else where I can learn an interesting fact about the Alaskan Tundra or how Mac n Cheese gets made.  That's why I get excited come Earth Day when Disneynature puts out their latest project. This year happens to be something that really peaks my interest.  "African Cats" will hit theaters tomorrow and I will be seeing this one for sure.

Nature is something I always enjoy learing more about, especially when it's animals or places I can't see.  Give me a special about white tail deer and I'm falling asleep, but show me something about some lions, tiger or bears (oh my) and I am glued to the television.  "African Cats" follows the paths of two families, one lion and one cheetah.  You don't get to see things like this on the big screen too often and Disneynature does a really good job with it.  Last year they covered the Ocean, which was pretty cool but doing stuff about the kings of the jungle is something I always enjoy.  Maybe it's just the little boy inside of me thinking that lions are cool but "Disney's African Cats" is my movie pick of the week.  So happy Earth Day and I hope you go out to see this wonderful film.