With Irene on the way you are bound to hear some songs that are talking about Hurricanes. Here is hoping that the big part of the storm misses us, but if it doesn't, here is a pretty sweet soundtrack.


Alice Cooper - Hurricane Years

This is some of Alice Coopers newer stuff, but kick ass none the less. I love how this one comes right out rocking. It's no "Schools Out", but as far as hurricane themed songs go this one is pretty sweet.

Jimmy Buffett - Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season

Jimmy Buffett is a beach guy at heart, so it's no surprise that he is inspired to write a song about hurricanes. This one is a good "chill out" song. We know how to deal with all kinds of crazy winter weather, but hurricanes are foreign to us. Lucky for us, Jimmy Buffett has a billion songs and one of those happens to be about hurricanes.

Y&T - Hurricane

I guess with exception of Buffett, we know that any song with "hurricane" in the title is going to to kick ass. No exception with Y&T's "Hurricane" from 1981. It is one of their most underrated songs. This should be the theme song for every hurricane past and present.

Beast - Mr. Hurricane

Not sure how much this has to do with actual hurricanes, but it's a really cool song none the less. I love the sound of it. A very awesome song from a band that most people have never heard of.

The Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane

Seriously, is there a better one than this? It has to be the front runner for greatest hurricane/weather themed songs of all time. Who doesn't love the German heavy metal put out by the Scorps? Whats even cooler is that they are still going out and playing this song to this day.