It may not be your birthday today, but it's statistically probable that you have one at least once a year. When you were a kid, that meant making your parents arrange a party with your friends, so their parents could buy you gifts.

Now that you're an adult (technically speaking) the part of your friend's parents are played by local businesses, and if you're not going out to take advantage on your birthday, well you're missing out and you're older, so let's fix half of that.

518 Birthday Club has all the information you need to be a legal moocher on your birthday. Most know you can get a boot at Wolf's Biergarten, and a 64 oz margarita at Bomber's Burrito Bar, but did you know you can get $10 off your entree at Peddler's Bar & Bistro, or 50% off your entree at Barnsider as long as you have a friend and they're willing to pay full price? (it is your birthday after all).

Check out the deals and let us know where you go for birthday freebie's.