A man in North Carolina claims that he got exclusive footage of the mythical creature running across a road in Charlotte, but I don't know if I buy it.

A lot of people have claimed to have spotted bigfoot over the years and most of the encounters have been dismissed.  Remember when those couple of guys claimed to have killed bigfoot and kept his body in a cooler?  Yeah that just turned out to be a old gorilla suit.  This footage right here is very sketchy.  It's all out of focus and dark, so for all we know it could just be a dude in a costume.

If bigfoot is real wouldn't we have found him?  In this day and age how can anything stay hidden as long as bigfoot has.  It is cool to think that maybe, just maybe there is something else lurking in the woods but I doubt if it is real.  The only footage I have ever seen that gets me even halfway believe that this creature even exists is the classic Patterson footage.