Yesterday 127 people were taken down in one of the largest mafia crackdowns in history stretching from New York all the way to Italy.

This is scenario straight out of a movie.  A total of 127 people were arrested yesterday in a massive mafia take down by the FBI.  More than 800 federal agents were involved in simultaneous arrests that took place in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Italy.

According to US Attorney General Eric Holder, Bartolomelo Vernace had been getting away with murder for over 30 years.  This bust takes down many important members in the La Cosa Nostra crime syndicate.  Holder called this a positive step in disrupting their operations.   Arrested yesterday were high ranking officials is both the Gambino and Colombo crime famlies and also included the arrests of several police officers and a reputed crime boss who controlled organized crime in New England for years.

Listen to some of the names of the people that were arrested yesterday.  It seriously sounds like another Godfather movie.  Bobby Glasses, Vinny Carwash, Jack the Whack, Johnny Cash, Junior Lollipops and a slew of other gangsters.  All charged on counts of murder, extortion, arson and drug dealing.  Imagine being one of the agents on this case.  Putting together facts and information for years and then yesterday over 800 FBI agents go in all at once across three states and over to Europe and take them down.  What a rush!  Now all I want to do is go watch The Departed and Casino.

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