I told you that the Big Four would be coming to the East Coast but wasn't sure of the location.  Well, now we have one!

So earlier in the week I saw an article that said the Big Four wanted to play a gig on the East Coast , but they had no details on it yet.  Lars from Metallica even said that they could have a time and date with two weeks.  Well the wait was much shorter than that and the Big Four have booked one of the biggest sports stadiums in the world.  They are scheduled to play on the hallowed ground of Yankee Stadium on September 14!

This is gigantic news since we are not very far from there so I expect to see all of us headbangers from the Capital region and it's surrounding areas rocking out at the Stadium!  I thought for sure they would be playing the new Meadowlands in New Jersey, but I think even the Big Four knows that Jersey sucks.  Tickets for the show will go on sale everywhere on May 6, and you know they are going to go quick, so i wouldn't sit around and wait on these ones.

How awesome is this?  The Big Four just a couple of hours away and playing one of the biggest venues in the city.  I knew they would keep it outdoors, that seems to be where they are really vibing right now.  Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax September 14, Yankee Stadium.  I can't wait, and I bet you can't either! I'm sure Q103 will be able to hook you up with some tickets, so keep it on the Capital Regions best and ONLY rock station for Big Four details!