Let me start with this: I hate birthdays! And for the record, it's my birthday I hate. Especially now. I mean, I'm four years away from 40. The thrill is gone, if that makes sense?  Even though I hate June 15 with a passion, I have to give credit where credit is due. 

So I walked into work this morning and this smacked me upside my melon.


A- I wasn't expecting that

B- I thought I was free and clear from all things birthday


Shenanigans, I tell ya, shenanigans!

Turns out, a radio friend who lives in Buffalo was passing through the area after spending the weekend in New Jersey and stopped by to show some birthday love.

"Passing through the area" means she went hours out of her way to decorate my office space. How thoughtful is that? It's pretty badass if you ask me!

While I can't stand the thought of my birthday and feel relieved that it's over, my 36th year of life was pretty awesome. Thank you friend, thank you for being an awesome friend.