Memphis, Tennessee based quartet Egypt Central have given Noisecreep behind the scenes access to the making of their new video 'White Rabbit,' which is the title track off of their second album, which releases May 17.

Since their debut, self-titled album came out three years ago, Egypt Central have gained respect and popularity, touring with bands such as Disturbed, Nonpoint, and Cold. Now, they have been working with Saving Abel producer Skidd Millsto make sure their new album (pre-order here) will be an even bigger hit. The first single off the new album is 'White Rabbit,' and below is exclusive footage of the band during and behind the scenes to the video.

View the video here.

Bassist Joey Chicago offered Noisecreep some insight on the song itself:

'White Rabbit,' as a song, is about the act of being within the struggle, the lesson that is trusting someone or something that is not what it seems. We wanted to write a song that people could relate to because we were being honest and showing our vulnerability. The song bridges the gap between the self-titled first record and the new album. The metaphor dives deeper in the video as we are introduced the characters directly correlating with the record. It's the beginning of the tale of four men determined to get their lives back from the people or things that have influenced and damaged them in such a negative way. It is the first of a series of videos showing the war between purity and deception, determination and distraction, Egypt Central and the White Rabbit.

A few weeks ago when EC was at Norhern Lights with COLD, Q103 sat down with them and discussed their new album. Watch that video here.

What do you think of the video? Will you be pre-ordering the new album?