Star Wars, Pee-wee and now the long awaited sequel to Beetlejuice!

I have an emotional connection to this movie because Beetlejuice helped me overcome my fear of Freddy Krueger when I was a kid, I used to lay in bed at night terrified that if I fell asleep, Freddy would get me.

Then I convinced myself that Beetlejuice would save me if I said his name 3 times, I would lay in bed and think of all the silly things Beetlejuice would do to Freddy, like turn his claws into bananas.

I'm a big fan of Beetlejuice, when I was a kid I used to make the other kids play Beetlejuice with me, they would say his name 3 times and I would act like Beetlejuice until someone said his name 3 times again and I would turn back into Dan before someone else would say Beetlejuice 3 times.

Most of all I am glad that it's not a reboot.