The new music video from the Beastie Boys premiered late last night and in case you missed it, here it is.

Mrozek informed me yesterday that the Beasties would be world premiering something last night and everyone thought it was going to be the epic 25 minute long "Fight For Your Right (Revisited)".  Someone down the line decided that a 25 minute music video may not be something everyone wants to see so instead they world premiered their brand new music video for "Make Some Noise".

So the first thing I did when i got in today was log onto the magical internet to check it out.  The video stars Elijah Wood, Seth Rogan and Danny McBride and shows the events that followed the epic scenes in the "Fight For Your Right To Party" video.  It also has a slew of other stars in it as well.  I love the new song.  Sounds like classic Beaties and that makes me smile.  So enjoy the video and get ready to crank up "Hot Sauce Committee Part 2" on May 3 when it drops.