Since 2006 Bear Grylls has been teaching how to survive insane situations on Discovery Channels 'Man vs. Wild'.  As of Tuesday, Discovery has parted ways with Grylls.

According to Yahoo, Bear Grylls has been fired by the Discovery Channel for failing to fulfill contract obligations.  Grylls had been the host of Discovery's 'Man vs. Wild' since 2006, but an official statement  from his representative confirm that he and the network have officially parted ways.  'Man vs. Wild' ended it's sixth season in August, and was one of the networks most watched shows.

Grylls reportedly wouldn't honor certain obligations in his contract, which prompted Discovery to cut ties to outdoorsy Brit.   All things indicate that Discovery wanted to end his show 'Man vs. Wild' and start him up on a new show, but he was not for that.

Unfortunately, Bear and Discovery have not been able to come to mutual agreement on new programming, and he disagrees with Discovery's decision to terminate current productions. Bear has loved the Man vs. Wild journey and looks forward to producing further cutting-edge content again soon for his loyal audience.

-Heather Krug, for Bear Grylls

With Grylls gone, Discovery will have to teach people to survive with their two other shows, 'Duel Survival' and 'Man Woman Wild'.  Grylls likely won't be gone from TV long as his show had over a million viewers.  Someone will grab him for a show similar to 'Man vs. Wild'.