The latest expansion to Battlefield 4 has been pushed back by DICE in order to fully iron out its performance issues on both the PC and Xbox One before its public release.

DICE has announced on the official Battlefield blog that Battlefield 4 Naval Strike will be be delayed on both the PC and Xbox One in order to address some major issues. DICE's focus on the player's experience should come at no surprise given that there were plenty of issues that plagued the online, first-person shooter during the first few months of its release, which its fanbase was particularly vocal about; DICE did not want to recreate a similar scenario. As a result, Naval Strike will be delayed in order to prepare for an optimal release.

The PC version of Naval Strike was delayed because combining the expansion with Battlefield 4's planned PC updates would trigger performance errors on both mid and high-end PCs. The Xbox One version of Naval Strike was pushed back in order to fix issues in its animation system. This error would prevent players from being able to successfully fire at enemies in prefixed map locations using some of Battlefield 4's more popular weapon builds.

DICE still intends to fully release Naval Strike the update in early April for both Xbox One and PC. The studio also still intends on giving Battlefield 4 Premium members their two weeks of early access to Naval Strike before the expansion goes public.