Take a look at a new fan series based on Battlefield 4 called 'Through My Eyes: I Will Show You War!'

The series is created by The Two Scotsmen and features in-game footage from EA/DICE's hit first-person shooter. The video above follows many soldiers across many different fields of battle, always in an over-the-shoulder perspective. You'll see infantrymen storm bases, tanks getting destroyed and aircraft dog-fighting through billowing pillars of smoke.

Be sure to watch the video with headphones on, because the fantastic audio from the game is included and makes the proceedings sound that much more authentic, from every footstep to the sounds of mortar fire in the background.

The editing is pretty impressive in the cinematic movie and offers many seamless transitions from soldier-to-soldier. Each epic vignette is shown with the same kind of intensity one would feel from playing the game, whether it's on foot or inside tanks. As far as community-created content goes, this video is pretty impressive. We can't wait to see what the team from The Two Scotsmen come up with next.