Last night on our Facebook page I posed a very important question: 'If you had to choose between Bacon or Booze, which could you live without?' Riveting right? Apparently, this is a serious question and many had plenty to say.

Personally, the smell of pig in the morning wakes up my senses like those old school Folgers commercials. You know, the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup, obviously! Moving on:


Bacon or Booze, which could you live without?



Dan, thank you for checking in. For the record, ham is pork ;-)


Marcus thanks for reminding me. @Saratoga Beer Week there was a fantastic beer that tasted just like bacon bits. For the record, it was AWESOME!!  Marcus, again, thanks for the reminder!


The key to a fantastic relationship is thinking long and hard about life choices: Amanda, something tells me you guys have a kick ass time together thinking about bacon and what not ;-)


Dan is dead on: When is the last time you saw someone killing it on the dance floor with a piece of bacon in hand? Right, no one!


Last but certainly not least, Kristina explains how difficult this trivial question can be.


Personally, the crispness of bacon in the morning is way to much to pass up. Then again, there is zero wrong with beers, especially Guinness :-)

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