Everybody slips and falls- heck I took a nasty spill at Q-Ruption and scraped my knees, but it happens to the best of us and it's inevitable. Unfortunately, sometimes, actually most times, falls happen at the worst times, and Axl Rose can attest to that. At last night's Mexico City show, the Guns N' Roses singer slipped and fell off stage during "Knocking on Heaven's Door." Watch the video after the jump. 

Skip to the :18 mark to see the fall

It looked like a nasty spill, but the frontman got right back up and kept on singing. I didn't really appreciate the fans laughing, because that could've been them, but Axl didn't seem to be too bothered by it. Good thing the song isn't called "Knocking on Heaven's Floor," as that's almost where he ended up. The band did a repeat performance tonight, so let's hope he's not in the headlines again tomorrow- not for any falls anyway!

What was your reaction to this video? Who would you like to see fall off stage?