The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show just brought this to my attention, it has been a while since "Avatar" hit the theaters. When it was breaking the box office, some people made the bold statement that "Avatar" is this generations "Star Wars." 


My opinion on this is 75% bias and 25% logic, because I did not care for "Avatar" I found it to be more hype then actual quality movie. The story was not original and nothing I have not already seen in a anime. I am not talking about the anime series that shares the same name.

The acting was terrible, it was like watching people play connect the dots in front of a green screen. The only thing about the movie worth mentioning is the blue boobs and buts. Which upset me even more and I am convinced that the blue nipples leaked some kind of adhesive.

That is just my opinion.


Now for the logic:

They have now been making "Star Wars" Movies, Books, Comics, TV Series, Toys, Tooth Brushes, etc, etc for a little over 4 decades and now with Disney in the cockpit ( huh huh huh huh) the "Star Wars" franchise is about to go back into hyper drive.

"Star Wars" Set a standard for graphics and acting for science-fiction and fantasy movies. Ever notice that in all these epic trilogies most of the actors are from the UK and Australia?

"Star Wars" is this generations "Star Wars" and "Avatar" will never be "Star Wars" because the force will always be with us. And there is nothing better then a Wookie!

Oh yeah, I forgot, there are going to be new "Avatar" movies.

Wookies are better then Vulcans.