Last night, six bands shook up the stage at Northern Lights for the last night of the Atticus Metal Tour III. The line-up was as follows: a local band, This or the Apocalypse, The Human Abstract, As Blood Runs Black, Darkest Hour and Born of Osiris. It was an awesome Metal show that left me with a sore neck and legs from rocking out so hard, but it was definitely worth it!

I originally went to the show solely for The Human Abstract and Darkest Hour, but I left with a love for a new band and deep appreciation for the others.

The first band was local but their name escapes me. They must be in the early days of their band and performances because while they sounded awesome, they all looked straight out of high school. They had some friends there for support, however, which was nice to see.

The next band I had never heard of, but they completely blew my mind. It takes a lot for a band I don't know to impress me when the first time I am hearing them is live, but I was beyond impressed. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania quintet This or the Apocalypse were connected and unified by their music, which was full of awesome screams and amazing melodic breakdowns. They got the crowd going and ready for the upcoming bands. I will definitely be buying their album.

Los Angeles residents The Human Abstract followed. I've been a fan of them since their debut album Nocturne in

 2006. They've had many member changes over the years, but I think their current line-up works great for them, as they sounded awesome and got the crowd even more riled up. They sang only about five songs, but they were from all three of their albums. Songs included "Vela, Together we Await the Storm," "Complex Terms" and "Digital Veil." It was also guitarist Henry Selva's birthday, so the crowd sang to him as he drank from a bottle of JB which he shared with the band. If you haven't listened to them, I highly recommend you do. They are different and quite amazing.

Los Angeles Death Metal quintet As Blood Runs Blackperformed next. I don't particularly care for them, but they are great performers. Frontman Sonik had great energy, interacted with the crowd, and often had a smile on his face while singing. I was surprised that the crowd was a tame as they were. It was a small crowd to begin with, but I figured they'd go insane for ABRB. They actually reacted to The Human Abstract more strongly than ABRB, and I expected it to be the other way around. However, they still put on a good show and helped me enjoy myself even more.

My fourth favorite band Darkest Hour performed second to last. They hail from Washington D.C., which explains why a lot of their music involves politics, society, wars and other world affairs. I've seen them before, but they get better each time. Vocalist John Henry, who looked great with his grown-out hair, was right on point musically and his screams were more ferocious than ever. The other members were great back-up, with their mentally and musically stimulating riffs and breakdowns. Songs sang include: "Savor the Kill," "Doomsayer," "Demons" and "Sadist Nation." They were amazing, and I of course went crazy for them, singing my heart out along with John, jumping up and down and headbanging like nobody's business. They are truly inspiring and every time I see them I am grateful, and happy of course!

Born of Osiris were the headliners, and I only stayed for a couple of songs, but the Chicago, Illinois sextet blew up the

 stage and got the crowd really going. I think the small crowd was saving all of their pent up energy for the headliners. I saved mine for THA and DH, however, so I was all set to go when Born of Osiris took the stage. I didn't want to leave without hearing them though, so I stayed for a couple songs, and they seemed like they were pretty good. I'm sure the crowd left happy.

I had never been to a concert where it was the bands last show on the tour, so I felt very honored that I got to witness "the last show." All the bands were amazing and did a great job, and I had a blast. It's nights like these that make me fall in love with music even more and further prove I want to dedicate my life to it. I can't wait until I can officially say to people, "hello, my name is Jen, and I'm a Music Journalist."

Were you at the concert last night? What did you think? What band was your favorite?