As if most of us regular guys weren't jealous of professional athletes for being better at sports than us and the ridiculous amount of money they make, they also happen to get the hottest women.

I think that it is an unspoken rule that the beautiful girl will always want to date the all star jock.  It starts in high school and carries all the way to the professional level.  Women love athletes.  They are the best at what they do, why wouldn't they?  Plus they are all in ridiculously good shape, minus CC Sabbathia of course.  They land models, movie stars and in some cases they end up with another female athlete, one that happens to be the hottest in her sport; example Misty May-Treanor and Jennie Finch both married professional baseball players.

It's not like this is any kind of new news, but lately it seems like the women athletes are dating are getting hotter and hotter.  Hockey players seem to be able to catch the eyes of some of the most beautiful girls.  Country music star and hottie Carrie Underwood married into hockey and actress Elisha Cuthbert is also a fan of guys in the NHL.  That may have something to do with the fact that Cuthbert is from Canada though. Hockey players also steal away the super models too.

Veronica Verekova who has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue and Victoria's Secret was married to NHL star Peter Nedved, but they recently ended their relationship.  Other stars that are currently involved with NHL players are former Full House star Candace Cameron, who got super hot as she grew up,  Hillary Duff, Kelly Carlson, Willa Ford and Gina Lee Nolin.

Hockey players aren't the only ones landing them some hotties.  Professional athletes across the board are hitting home runs in the dating world.  Need I remind anyone that Derek Jeter is dating Minka Kelly?  A-Rod has landed Cameron Diaz, for now anyway.  Another Yankee dating an absolute 10 is Nick Swisher.  He is currently involved with actress Joanna Garcia.  She got famous on the sitcom Reba and is starring in a new one called Better With You, and she is absolutely stunning.  Pitcher Brad Penny seems to be doing pretty well for himself.  He is currently engaged to Dancing with the Stars dancer Karina Smirnoff who is super hot because she is a dancer and if you ever watch her, man is she sexy.

Football players aren't doing to shabby either.  Hank Baskett is relatively mediocre when it comes to playing the game, but some how landed playboy playmate Kendra Wilkinson.  Jeff Garcia also landed himself a playmate with his wife Carmella.  I think the king of all athletes is Tom Brady.  Not only has he won a few Super Bowls and taken home some MVP awards, he also married Gisele Bundchen.

My god is she gorgeous.  She has even been called the last great "super model" by her peers.  She has been on the cover of almost every magazine and that includes publications read by both men and women.  I even think some women are jealous that Brady landed her.

She is most known for her work with Victoria's Secret but has long endorsed many designers and worn their work on the runway.  I don't think you get much hotter than her, and kudos to Brady for this accomplishment.  So just remember guys, if you had worked a little bit harder and maybe gone out for the team like you wanted to, maybe, just maybe you could be walking down the red carpet with Gisele.  Just something to think about.