How about that headline? I mean seriously, 'Love' has a lovely rack, but five million: really? I see covered boobs around the office that are far better than Jenny's bags-o-fun, yet those ladies aren't running around telling the world 'hey, my fun bags need ridiculous insurance'. No, no they aren't.

They aren't Jenny though so who knows what would happen when you slap a few movie roles under your belt, you know?

Jennifer Love Hewitt you're so cruel girlie, so cruel.

You know, if this story was about any other celebrity I would be like 'get over yourself'. This is Jennifer Love Hewitt we're talking about though. Look at the smile! Look at those, those, THOSE!

Yes Jennifer Love Hewitt get those puppies insured. In fact, once you do, whip them out for us all to see? That would be doing us all a HUGE solid, just so you know.