Comcast, the leader in cable television in the United States, is still awaiting approval of their purchase of Time Warner Cable. This would give them a majority control of the cable landscape. With that in mind, it seems Comcast won't stop there as a rumored deal with Apple is in the works.

Apple TV is much like the services of Netflix and Hulu, offering streaming on-demand content such as TV shows and movies to it subscribers. Right now, Apply TV isn't exactly a key player in the market but a deal with Comcast could help them.

Apple is usually very secretive about their ventures, only allowing 'controlled leaks' to get out to help set their agenda in the public eye. These rumors of the potential deal have been going on for some time but they seem to be growing stronger by the day.

So what does that mean for Comcast subscribers that use services like Netflix and Hulu? It means those services could be slowed down by Comcast in order to give priority to Apple TV.

'But that isn't fair!'

You're right, it's not and the government has tried to stop such things with their 'Open Internet Act' from happening but to little or no avail. Case and point, Netflix actually shelled out money to Comcast to not deliberately slow down their services to Comcast internet subscribers.

Apple TV needs to work out more deals with studios and networks for their content. If the Comcast deal happens, Apple TV would be one step closer as NBC/Universal could be included in the deal.

Only time will tell what the next step is but any deal between Comcast and Apple TV would have to be approved by the FCC before it hits the market.