and that not the only update coming to your emoji boards!

Last year a a group called New Yorker's Against Gun Violence started a petition to get Apple to get rid of the controversial gun emoji from apple products. It seems that Apple may have been listening because today they announced that with the new iOS  update that is scheduled to launch next month they will be replacing the gun emoji with one of the squirt gun variety.

Of course there are plenty of people that feel some sort of way one either side of the emoji debate but hey, squirt guns are fun! Personally I feel that there are plenty of other weapon like emoji's available and if people are going to send a malicious texst there are plenty of other ways they can get their point across.

So lets focus on the positive like apple also adding 100 new emoji's. Some that will diversify some of the existing emoji's and some that will add more gender options! You can check out some of the options set to become available in September HERE.