There's this pop broad who dropped a brand new video today called 'American Girl'. I guess this chick was named Rolling Stone Magazine's 'Best Secret Weapon' in 2011 and has a rump that would suggest that she is worthy of said title. While I think her 'singing skills' probably earned her that title I'm going with the rump thing. Pop music sucks! But I digress.

Katy Perry on the Twitter machine. Say what you want but there's something about Katy that screams 'homemade porn' which is what keeps me glued to her account. Ps- She knows what she's doing.  None the less, here's Katy's tweet:

Katy in bed, in her pj's! Now you see why I follow this chick? Smokin hot all day long. Let me digress, again.

So the chick singing is Bonnie McKee. Along with prime real estate in the backside department, mentioned twice already, this chick has a whole crew of friends lip syncing her tune. Kiss, Tommy Lee (in drag/playing in spinning drum kit) Jared Leto, Jenny McCarthy, George Takei and a ton of other 'famous people' take you on a journey that will keep you scratching your head saying: WTF?