The world-famous cell phone video game 'Angry Birds' is now landing on Facebook. It will be available for play next month, and will have new and improved effects, one being that the pigs present in the game will have a bigger role. Rovio CEO Mikael Hed made the following statement on the newest release:

Take a look at the "Angry Birds" page on Facebook, and you'll see that something is up. If you "like" the page, Rovio promises to keep you posted on all the latest news about the upcoming "Angry Birds" migration to Facebook.

While fans of the game and frequent Facebooker's are probably more than thrilled about the news, other game developers should be aware. 'Angry Birds' started out as a past-time iPhonegame, and has quickly been dominating all video game systems since. Now that it will be available for play on the largest social network site ever, the competition between companies and games could greatly increase. It's great news for Facebook, but not for anyone else.

Watch the video above and see what you think. In addition, watch CNN's video news story here.