An American Satellite has been tumbling since its mission ended in 2005.  NASA’s 6.5 ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or UARS,  is most likely to re-renter Earth's atmosphere and crash apart this Afternoon. Where will it crash land? NASA claims the dying Satellite will break into more than 100 pieces as it enters the atmosphere, most of it burning up. 26 of the heaviest metal parts are expected to reach Earth, the biggest chunk weighing about 300 pounds (136 kilograms). The debris could be scattered over an area about 500 miles (800 kilometers) long.

North America had been ruled out as a crash pad-So what about the rest of the world?

An exact prediction of a crash landing site is tough because the satellite is tumbling.  Since water covers about 70 percent of the Earth's surface, NASA believes most, if not all the debris that survives will land in an ocean or a desset. NASA said the odds that a person will be hit by a piece debris from UARS are about 1-in-3,200.