Today, the American Idol star, Chris Medina, has been given an enormous donation while he was on-air with Ryan Seacrest. Medina is no longer on the show, but is still a viral sensation due to his commitment to his disabled fiance.

The first gift during the interview was a $35,000 donation from the makers of Proactive. Medina was deeply touched by the donation, but there was still more in store for him, unknowingly. Topher Grace surprised Medina with a second $35,000 donation for his fiance's foundation.

After Medina's interview, Topher Grace and the producer of Take Me Home Tonight discussed with Seacrest that under one condition, 1% of the movie earnings will go to the foundation as long as someone could create a counter for Medina and his fiance to keep track of.  This gives us all a reason to see the movie now. 1% of our movie ticket costs will be going towards a good cost. That should be a great incentive for anyone, especially when you cannot decide which movie you want to see.

Take Me Home Tonight will be in theaters tomorrow. So, find some friends or a date and go see the movie. It will be great entertainment for a good cause.