Well it had to happen sometime right? With the surge in mobile usage of the Internet in the United States, sooner or later everyone would jump into the smartphone pool. This time it's Amazon who is jumping in yelling "Cannon Ball", planning a new smart phone to take on the iPhone and Android phones.

According to an article at the International Business Times, people in the know are saying that Amazon has partnered with Foxcon to build this new smartphone. Yes, that Foxcon that makes not only iPhones and iPads, but also Samsung Android phones. No word on any tech specs yet, so we don't know what kind of power the phone will have. But it is also being said that Amazon is shopping for wireless technology patents to help defend itself against any kind of future infringement litigation that it may run across. I guess the whole dust up between Apple and Samsung tablets and smart phones has spooked them a little and they are covering their bases.Can't blame them for that.

Amazon isn't alone though, as I previously reported, Facebook may be working on a new smart phone as well. Both companies think they can take on the juggernauts and steal some of the mobile pie. I wish them luck because Blackberry, Nokia and Windows have been trying for sometime now and they haven't has much luck. They are going to need to do something that makes them stand out from the others and offers something the others don't. That is going to be the real challenge. But with $219 Billion in mobile phone sales yearly, can you blame them for wanting a piece of the pie?