Alter Bridge recently rocked the Albany area after they performed at Northern Lights with Black Stone Cherry and Like a Storm. Today, I had a chance to catch up with Mark and Scott from the band. Mark is the lead guitarist and Scott is the drummer.

Alter Bridge is unique because they are made up from other bands. The lead singer Myles has worked with Slash and has done solo work. Mark is also the guitarist of creed.

Being recognized by the band meant alot, since they only saw me earlier this week. They also remembered it was my birthday, but my birthday gear may have also tipped them off.

I asked Mark what his favorite part about being on the road and he said it is definitely performing on stage. Without a doubt, that has be such a rewarding experience since they are performing for fans often through both bands.

This is the second year Alter Bridge has performed. Myles had actually performed last year with Slash and Alter Bridge performed in 2008. I'm looking forward to their show later today, and it will be just as good as Northern Lights.