He's no Jack Donaghy in real life, but Alec Baldwin is planning a future in the footsteps of his on-camera hero, actor-turn-politician Ronald Reagan.

The next election in 2013 won't see the film and television star on the ballots, but according to news sources, anything is game at the following Mayoral race.  53 year-old Alec Baldwin has expressed interest in adding his name to the list of great NYC Mayors that include Fiorello LaGuardia, Robert Wagner, Ed Koch, and Rudy Giuliani.

Since winning Emmy's and SAG awards doesn't exactly count for qualifying as Mayor of the Big Apple, Baldwin is looking to enroll in a master's program for politics and government at an as yet undisclosed university.  Among other things, he's looking to relocate from Long Island and complete this season of "30 Rock."  Does this mean our beloved Liz Lemon would be left to fend off the antics of Jenna, Lutz, Tracy & Co. without any Reagan-inspired wisdoms from the head of GE's Microwave Division?!?  Say it ain't so!