JJ Abrams introduced us all to the mystery of "Alcatraz" in January, and almost as quickly as the series began, it was over. Monday nights finale answered some questions, but left some bigger mystery as well.

When "Alcatraz" started off, it began by introducing us to some interesting characters, but we weren't really sure what role they were going to be playing in the story. We followed along as Detective Rebecca Madsen and Dr. Diego Soto followed FBI agent Emerson Hauser on his quest to find the missing inmates of Alcatraz.

If you weren't following along, over 300 inmates and prison personnel mysteriously disappeared in 1963.  The government passed it off has the prison closing, but Emerson Hauser, a former Alcatraz guard knew something happened.  It's all been a mystery until last night when we learned that the Warden of the prison was apparently involved in taking some of the prisoners and playing with their blood, and somehow finding a way to transport into the future.

The reason they are in the future, we still don't know.  What we do know now is that Tommy Madsen, Rebecca's grandfather, is the Warden's main guy- and he is one bad person.  He even stabs Rebecca after a big car chase and escapes. We are left hanging as to whether or not Rebecca will survive. Chances are good that she will, since she plays such a major role in the series.

In the meantime, Hauser's team has discovered a couple keys and found an odd door below the prison. The team is able to get to the door, to find a room full of what seems to be lab equipment. So what was the Warden up to this whole time? What did he need with these inmates? Why did they travel through time?

Hopefully FOX allows us to get an answer to those questions and more next season.  Unfortunately right now it seems that the future of "Alcatraz" in up in the air.  FOX already cut "Terra Nova", but lets hope they give "Alcatraz" some breathing room, because I have a feeling we haven't seen anything yet.