FOX debuted it's next big drama on Monday night and it was fantastic.  Suspense, action,mystery and a whole lot of not knowing anything about what is happening.

The sci-fi series about what "really" happened to the infamous prison of Alcatraz debuted last night on FOX, and so far so good.  JJ Abrams has once again delivered with a show that leaves you scratching your head and begging for more.  Since the end of LOST in 2010, people have been waiting for a show to come along like it, and now we have that.

Alcatraz follows the characters of Rebecca Madsen, Dr, Diego Soto and Emerson Hauser as they try and figure out why inmates from Alcatraz are suddenly appearing in the future after being presumed dead or otherwise in the 1960's.  Well they didn't die, they disappeared.  Where did they go?  Why are they back?  You have me hooked Abrams.  An awesome cast with Jorge Garcia (LOST), Sam Neil (Jurassic Park) and Sarah Jones (Big Love) make this especially fantastic.  I will be tuning in weekly for this one, with my fingers crossed it doesn't get the axe because people are too busy watching crap shows like one of the million CSI's or NCIS'.