Looks like we have got the book smarts going on here in the Capital Region!

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

In a recent study conducted by the good folks over at WalletHub, 150 of America's most  metropolitan cities were compared in an attempt to figure out which ones had the most educated individuals living and working within them.

As it turns out, the Capital Region (a.k.a. Albany/Schenectady/Troy) is coming in strong on the list, breaking into the top-20 over some major cities not only in New York state but in the entire country! Check out our ranking as well as the rest of the cities in the map below below (all you have to do is click or hover over a circle and it will show you the rankings).

According to Albany.com, WalletHub based it's findings on the percentage of adults aged 25 or older with at least:

  •  a high school diploma
  •  some college experience, or an associate's degree
  •  a bachelor's degree
  •  a graduate or professional degree

As well as the quality of education and attainment gaps in areas such as:

  • Public school system ranking
  • Average quality of universities
  • Number of enrolled students in top 200 universities per capita
  • Racial gap in educational attainment
  • Gender gap in educational attainment

If you would like to get all the particulars on the study you can find them HERE.