This is one of the ultimate fails of all time. This Colonie woman (who has the best nickname ever) attempted to smuggle drugs into jail by putting them where the sun doesn't shine.

So what do you do if you're picked up by the police for parole violation, but have a bunch of drugs on you?  If you're Andrea Amanatides, you stick them inside a condom and shove them straight into your pleasure center.

Yes, that's right.  She shoved drugs straight up her hoo-haa.  Perfect plan, right? It's not like the police are going to search there. Too bad the plan wasn't as perfect as she thought.

While being detained in a holding cell, the condom broke, spilling the goodies out of her goodies. So what exactly did she have up there? Well besides four bags of heroine, she also had Adderall, Oxycontin, Valium, Trazadone, Ambien and Lyrica. Her nickname on the streets is 'CVS.'  The police caught the smuggling fail on security cameras. Bad news for her, good news for her vagina.

[Via Crush FM]