I'm taking a break from Tech this Tuesday, to share something I had no idea was happening or even existed. I consider myself a Science Fiction geek. I wouldn't say I am a die hard, but I know what I like and usually stick to that. But I recently found out about a local convention where the real Science Fiction aficionados, gather to enjoy.

Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images for BBC Worldwide

AlbaCon is, according to the website, "..a weekend gathering in Albany, NY, of fans and creators of Science Fiction or Fantasy, including literature, movies, games, and other media. Join us for three days of panel discussions, interviews, films, games, readings, autographs, an art show, special events, a fabulous dealers room, debates, conversation, and socializing with people who share your interests!"

When I read that, I thought, "Yes,! Finally something local I can attend!" Then I read who the guests were and I immediately understood this wasn't something on the scale of Comic Con in San Diego or New York. This is a small event with some names I didn't recognize, but when I started Googling those names, I realized that it wasn't like a guest list of people like 'Red Shirt #2' from an episode of Star Trek. These are the authors and creators who have loyal readers and fans. Sadly, since I don't read some of the non franchise titles, I don't know many of these people. If I go, will I feel like a fish out of water and not have a clue who many of the people there are? Yes. But would that stop me from going? Probably not.

There also looks to be gaming happening at AlbaCon as well. Most likely some Magic the Gathering, or Steve Jackson Games' Munchkin or my favorite, the grandfather of them all, Dungeons and Dragons. I at least hope there is D&D, as it's not listed by name but I can't be the only one who plays it. But knowing the culture, it's a real possibility. They also mention electronic gaming, but again, no real details.

If you're a fan of science fiction and fantasy, I still recommend you go. This looks to be something that can grow and live here in the Capital Region. It would be great to see an event like this get bigger every year. If my personal schedule allows, I will try to poke my head in and see what it's all about. But if you do go, or are a part of it, or even went last year, let me know more about what you think. AlbaCon is taking place October 21st and 22nd at the Best Western Sovereign Hotel in Albany.

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