I don’t know who Dion Lewis is, but I like his swagger of not putting up with crap from locked doors! You can’t just let a door disrespect you, everyone knows that!

I think the worst part about succeeding and doing something great like playing professional football is when you get caught doing something stupid, everyone hears about it. According to the Times Union Dion Lewis formally of Albany Academy and currently of the Philadelphia Eagles was arrested with his brother when they were locked outside of their hotel. They pounded on the door long enough then pulled the fire alarm.

Who can blame this guy? Number one: he was intoxicated so I can already relate to him. Number 2: who doesn’t hate being locked out of some place? Nothing says “not welcome” more like a locked door and that’s enough to drive anybody crazy!

I can only assume that once they tried to get back in and banged on the door long enough they started to get so angry and heated up inside they had no choice but to pull the fire alarm to alert the guest of the fire that was building up inside their hearts. These boys should not have been arrested, if anything they should be awarded and thanked for their quick thinking and alerting the hotel of the situation!