I feel like we, as human beings, get so wrapped up in our day to day lives that we forget about the little things. Well, in this case, it would be a very big thing. I was searching YouTube for local happenings in the Albany area and stumbled upon a sweet video.

Back in 1911 a major fire ripped through the Capitol Building, downtown. The fire devastated the building but brought about huge changes in the way we prevent and fight fires. Live and learn, that's the name of the game. Thank god, by the way!

With that said, look at how we fought fires at the turn of the century. Insert horse sound effect here:


As you sit back plotting how to finish your day and successfully make it to the weekend. Remember, that video most likely shows what fire crews looked like as they raced to save our doomed Capital building.

The good news?

It no longer takes 10 years to make it to the scene of a fire.