Good ole Craigslist! Missed connections, free kittens and toilet fantasies make up the greatest user driven site on the net, next to Pornhub of course ;-). 

So there's this self proclaimed 'normal' guy (29-year-old 'DM') rolling around who posted an ad in the M4W miscellaneous romance section of Craigslist.

'DM' has a 'recurring fantasy' and would love to hang with a lady who's into the same kinky stuff as him. Using words that rhyme with 'cat', 'skit', 'hiss' and 'flowers' DM has 'hidden desires' that involve an STD free woman and a pooper. Whoa!

Yep, I agree wholeheartedly, 'DM is completely normal. Wanting to meet a stranger from Craigslist who's into dirty restroom antics is nothing but normal. I mean come on, you're a weirdo if you disagree. I bet this is so normal that all the kids are doing it! There's probably a rap song out there by Lil Wayne that describes just how great 'toilet fantasies' are. There has to be!

But hey, don't let me hold you up!

If you're into this completely normal sexual act, pick up a sack of Charmin, loads of oatmeal and reach out to 'DM.'