There seems to be a trend among the successful.  Once you have the money, you open up your own restaurant.  AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is doing just that.

The people of new Zealand are in for a treat when Phil Rudd opens his new restaurant up this September.  It's going to be located near the Bay of Plenty in Tauranga right on the harbor.  According to the Bay of Plenty Times, Rudd bought The Bridge Bistro and Bar which closed back in July.  Since then he has been revamping the restaurant to turn it into, Phil's Place.

I want it to be more than a restaurant — a whole dining experience. I have focused on the visuals, the sound, the smell and of course the taste. Most of all, the feel. It will be a place that will blow your mind.

-Phil Rudd

Rudd has invited the rest of AC/DC to join him at the grand opening in mid-September, and has a bunch of other stars on the guest list as well.  He has lived in Tauranga,New Zealand for almost 25 years.