Aaron Lewis has the band Staind kicking ass right now.  Their latest self -titled album is on top of the rock charts, the tour is selling and has plans in the works to team up with Godsmack to tour in 2012.  However Aaron hasn't forgotten about his first love;  country music as he plans to re-release his country album with six bonus songs.

Aaron Lewis released 'Timeline' that featured the country hit  'Country Boy'.  At the time he was having issues with management, so he fired them and hired another team.  That team didn't work out so he fired them too.  Now he has the right team in place and plans to re-release 'Timeline' but with six additional songs.

Aaron said "Timeline will have all sorts of extra bonus stuff".

He told the Dallas Observer;

There’s more country coming, it’s the first music that I was ever exposed to. It was when I was a kid and my grandfather was a huge country music fan and I heard it a lot… Country music is a part of me. It certainly reflects my lifestyle. I live out in the middle of nowhere in a town of 1,200 people. I’ve got chickens and a house pig. I deer hunt and I fish. I really don’t do many things that require a city.