"So if music is nothing more than vibrations, do we hear music, or do we feel it? And why does it effect us emotionally if all it is is simple vibrations. That's the miracle of music.  It's an energy so powerful, it can take you back to a time and place where you first heard that song."

The opening monologue played, carrying these words across the crowd over monitors as everyone anxiously awaited Sully's entrance. As images cascaded across a video screen on stage, the words not only just spoke about the emotions of music, but evoked them as well.

As Sully Erna finally stepped foot on the stage, the crowd erupted in cheers. At that moment seeing Sully, I can almost guarantee everyone was feeling exactly what Sully's opening monologue discussed- the emotions that we feel from music, and our memories that go along with it.  As I watched Sully stride out, I was automatically catapulted into feeling like a much years younger-unbearably awkward- hemp bead necklace and Airwalk sneaker- wearing teenager listening to "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack, mesmerized at the fact that I was seeing Sully Erna on stage live.

Arriving at the show early, I got to hang with the Q103 Rock Crew and talk with some AWESOME and loyal Sully fans at our table.  If there is one community of fans I truly love, its rock music fans. Of all the live music I've seen in my life, rock fans always tend to be so loyal to the music, so energetic, always ready for a good time, and are pure rock-stars in their own right.  The same can definitely be said of all the awesome listeners and crowd members who stopped by the Q103 table before the show started. The excitement of everyone to see Sully live made the anticipation for the set that much more.

After the lights flickered inside of The Egg, and I situated myself in my seat, my eyes scanned the plethora of guitars (acoustic and electric) and two keyboards on stage.  "Damn, this is going to be good" I immediately thought.  My thoughts were confirmed when Sully started off his eighteen song set.  He took some time in between the first five songs to joke around with the crowd about the inner workings of his mind- "It's just black!"- and the emotional roller-coaster that we would be on throughout the night.  Right around the time he played "Eyes of a Child" a few songs in, he even got a couple roses handed to him by a fan in the front row (first one's that he said he's received all tour. Go Albany fans!!).

The set covered some songs from his new album, "Hometown Life," which just came out at the end of September of this year, produced by Sully himself.  He also played a few covers including Alice in Chains, Metallica, and Pink Floyd, and of course what everyone cheered the loudest for- Godsmack!

I feel like I've had some really amazing opportunities lately since becoming the Q103 Rock Girl, and getting to see rock shows in a new light- from our Q103 Garage Sessions to solo acts like Sully.  If this month has been any indicator of how my year is going to be, its GOING TO ROCK (just like Sully did)! I can't wait to see all of you fans again at more of our upcoming events!