A while back I posted about my concern for Egypt's well-being. Today, has marked an important day for the citizens of Egypt. Hosni  Mubarak has resigned as the President of Egypt. For almost three weeks, Egyptians have been involved a deadly protest. Several civilians have died, including a U.S. embassy worker, Khairy Ramadan Aly.

With the announcement of the Mubarak's resignation, the crowds gathered in the streets of Egypt screaming "God is great!" and "Egypt is free!" according to Yahoo News. The country has taken a huge step today, and the violence has taken an immediate halt.

With today's advancement in technology, there has been so much documentation compared to historical events that have taken place in the past. As invasive as the media seems sometimes, the documentation in Egypt has allowed to see the conditions in Egypt and the struggle the country has been facing. With the click of a button in Google, one is able to access the 24-7 coverage in Egypt. It's not the same as being there directly, but the visuals are incredibly helpful.

This day not only gives Egypt a sense of freedom and celebration for the country, but it gives me hope. The country has been so vulnerable the last few weeks, but it has finally started to take a take step forward. I am curious about the changes that the country will be experiencing these next few days, weeks, and months.