The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show has been all about sports and weird news this morning, I guess it is a slow news day. That is not a bad thing because a good news day usually means bad news. One of the many topics on the show today turned into a roast of metal fans, where it was stated that there are no females at a Slayer show.


I have been to my fair share of Metal, Hardcore, Indie Rock, Rock and Jam Band Shows. My favorite venue was Saratoga Winners, nothing like seeing GWAR next to the dump on the river. However it is a stereotype that there are little to no female fans that show up to shows where the music is heavy, hard and fast. Maybe if it was heavy, hard and slow?

I beg to differ, I have seen plenty of females pumping their fists and even in the pit at shows. But I want our female Metal Heads to speak up and help me take down this stereotype, because girls can rock to!