I don't like to eat seafood unless I am eating seafood at a restaurant by the sea, so I don't know where the best seafood restaurant is in the Capital Region. This is the part where I ask all of you and no one answers and my fear of seafood remains because of your apathy.

Ever notice that there is no "Lakefood" or "Riverfood" and to a lesser extent, no "Creekfood"?

Why is seafood a word and none of those that I mentioned above are not?

I don't think that it's fair. In fact, if a restaurant has any type of fish that comes from fresh water on the menu, it's considered to be just 'fish', but seafood always gets its own section.

I don't think I would eat anything that came out of a lake, river, or creek, but I will eat things that drink out of a lake, river, or creek. I still feel that they deserve their own word and section on menus in restaurants.

I do not eat seafood often. I can't stand the textures of most fish- it bugs me out and I vomit. The only seafood I can stomach is: Sword Fish, clams, crab, lobster, and some fish.

I have not been to the beach in 9 years, and I refuse to eat at seafood restaurants that are not by the sea. I used to work in the meat department at Sam's Club and the seafood was always stinky, even when it's frozen.

I don't think that food should smell that bad.

I am sure that fresh seafood smells too, but not enough to stink up a freezer in the suburbs. If it did, then I wouldn't eat that seafood.

So my question is: what seafood restaurant in the Capital Region has the freshest seafood?

In conclusion: if I mentally prep myself, I can eat anything. ANYTHING! But I really do like fresh seafood, rather than day-old seafood, or week old seafood. How long does it take seafood to travel? Anyway, where can I get fresh seafood in the Capital Region? And you better not say Schenectady.