Usually I post a blog about a celebrity birthday, but only if that celebrity is relevant to the Q103 format. But today, as I looked at the celebrity birthdays, I began to feel older and older, and older, and older.




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    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Arnold turns 68 today. I think he has aged well, but Arnold turning 68 does not make me feel that old. I've been watching his movies for four decades now, and I am happy that he is still making movies.

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    Lisa Kudrow

    Lisa Kudrow turns 52 today. 52!?!?

    She is the oldest of the three female Friends actresses, but when you come to the realization that the last episode of Friends aired 10 years ago and the first episode aired 20 years ago, you will need someone there for you when you have a mid-life crisis.

  • 3

    Terry Crews

    Terry Crews turns 47, but that does not make me feel too old, because I always thought that he was 47. He has aged well, because I have never noticed a difference.

  • 4

    Vivica A. Fox

    Vivica A. Fox turns 51 today and I still want to see her naked. I like to think that she would be more willing to bare it all at the age of 51, just to prove that she still has it. I was so disappointed when I saw her playing a stripper in Independence Day, because she never stripped.

    Her character in Independence Day was a stripper right?

  • 5

    Tom Green

    Tom Green turns 44, and now there is another one of my heroes from when I was a teenager who is now over the hill.

    Wonder what people get him for his birthday?

  • 6

    Hilary Swank

    The next Karate Kid turns 41 today, but I think that she can handle it. I have never not found Hilary Swank unattractive in any of her movies, even Boys Don't Cry. She may be one step over the hill, but I think she can pull it off.

  • 7

    Laurence Fishburne

    It does not matter which pill he takes, he is 54 today.

    Just yesterday I watched Apocalypse Now, he was 18 in that movie.

    This is another actor whose movies I have been watching for so long, that I forgot he had a designated age, and now that I know how old he is, it puts my own age into perspective.

    Now I want the pill that will make me forget.

  • 8

    Jaime Pressly

    Jaime Pressly turns 38. It does not make me feel too old, but old enough. I wish that I could stop her from aging so that I won't feel any older.

    If you ever want to get an eyeful of Jamie Pressly, watch Poison Ivy: The New Seduction. I think she spends 20 minutes of the movie with her clothes on.