Bacon! What does it no go with?

We've seen it on burgers, deep fried at fairs, used as a taco shell, and even sold as a fragrance. Its not like it's the most expensive beef product out there, but to those who love it - might as well consider it gold.

One restaurant took just that idea - gold - and are now selling a $235 bacon sandwich

Yes, $235 for a sandwich made with edible gold. What else is in it? Eggs, watercress, and a rare breed bacon, but also has black truffle spread, sliced truffles, edible gold dust, and saffron.

The "Bacon Bling", as it has been dubbed, is then cooked in truffle oil and served to those willing to pay the hefty price.

There is no official record in the Guinness World Record Book for most expensive bacon sandwich, but creator Paul Philips hope there will be one created for his new dish.

On a nicer side of things, all the proceeds from the sales of Bacon Bling will go to two different charities: SKRUM and the Regular Forces Employment Association. So you can say you ate the most expensive bacon sandwich ever but you also help out those in need.