Rob Zombie has been on a bit of a break when it comes to making movies, his last back in 2009.  he has been touring in support of his latest album Hillbilly Deluxe 2 which dropped back in September.  Now, he is ready to make another movie.

The sequel to Halloween was the last movie that we saw from Rob Zombie, but he said he is now ready to get back to it.  The lastest film from the horror savvy director will deal with the Salem Witch trials from the colonial days in America.  It will be a little bit of a twist on the story and will see it travel from the colonial times to present day when the witches come back to wreak havoc on the current citizens of Salem, MA. Zombie told The Pulse of Radio that he is also no longer involved in a remake of The Blob because his idea was too similar to the original film.  He also said he hopes to make a Western and currently is working on a biker film he is calling Tyrannosauruses Rex.  His latest film, The Lords of Salem, is scheduled to start production sometime this spring.

This is awesome.  I love Rob Zombies crazy over the top shock rock music and his shows are quite the spectacle.  His movies are as equally awesome especially The Devils Rejects, my personal favorite.  It is great that he is finally getting back into the directors chair, and maybe he has been absent because of his tour, but I think it may have something to do with the fact that critics and fans both did not like Halloween II.   Maybe it was time for time off, whatever the case his new movie sounds like it will be great and I look forward to it.  Call me crazy, but I bet we are looking for a Halloween time release in 2012.